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PIPS Technology™ is a leader in detection innovation supplying advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition solutions to make our world safer and smarter


Our Expertise

For fixed or mobile deployments, PIPS cameras feature technologies to enhance read accuracy by utilizing Triple Flash Technology and suppressing light sources such as headlights and bright sunlight.

An array of software packages add analytical functionality and reporting capability to a wide variety of applications including law enforcement, tolling, congestion charging, access control, and parking.

Offering technical services and support, on-site installation, commissioning, training, consultation and much more. PIPS is committed to the success of your mission.

Our focus and dedication to detection innovation provides our customers with the most advanced ALPR technology available today.

ALPR Applications

ALPR assists agencies around the world with stolen vehicle recovery and drug enforcement, while providing many investigative tools.

Provides automated parking facility management and security for airports, hospitals, universities, arenas, and stadiums.

Our software helps solve a variety of road dilemmas like tolling and congestion charging, lane enforcement and traffic data collection.

Paired or grouped cameras calculate speed to aid in the decongestion of high traffic roads or increase safety in construction or school zones.

About Us

Established in 1983, PIPS Technology™ built the world’s first integrated traffic camera. Focused and dedicated to detection innovations, PIPS boasts an expansive automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) product line that is filled with industry leading technology.

With high performance cameras, intelligent software, reliable hardware and dependable support and services, PIPS has deployed over 50,000 ALPR systems in over 100 countries.

Welcome to PIPS Technology™

Leading through innovation is our passion. PIPS Technology offers superior technology, creative designs, quality manufacturing, and reliable support, PIPS offers unmatched ALPR solutions for the success of our customers.

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